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Bruno Hen is a particularly cruel and cunning man appearing in the Story The Monsters. All thoughout he is refered to as the half-breed, though his his specific heritage is never given. He lives in a shotty log cabin in the woods of Trapper Lake, Michigan.


Bruno made his living largely by robbing his clostest neighbor, Carl MacBride. He stole fish and muskrats from Macbride's traps, then selling of eating them.

One day he stops by a traveling circus known as the ATLAS CONGRESS OF WONDERS. There he was publically mocked by a freak show operator. He also gained the attention of three microcephalic african savages. After the show went bankrupt the savages were set free and they for some unimaginable reason they went to Bruno to take them in. Bruno quickly and gleefully shuned them, kiscking one to the ground and beating him. The three then ran off in the direction of Trapper Lake.

One day he encounters a chemically augmented giant which seemed determined to end his life. Realizing the dangerous potition he's in, Bruno left a large sum of money with Carl Macbride, along with the instrutions to use it to commision a detective to investigate his death.

Afterwords he enclosed himself in his cabin, bourding up the windows and constantly looking from the open cavities of his walls for an approaching monster. After nearly two days of waiting he fell asleep. That same night he was startled awake by the sound of an unusual wind outside. Looking ou he again he saw the giant which had attack him days before. He fired several rounds from his high-powered rifle out the window to no effect. After a few moments of silence he heard the roof above begin to break down under some tremendous unseen force.

Macbride heard agonizing screams and rushed to his neighbor's cabin. When he arrived however the cabin was completly demonished and inside lay the crushed corpse of Bruno Hen.

True to his word Macbride hired a detecive to look into Bruno's mysterious death. This detective was Doc Savage.

The news of his death was printed in the local newspaper, Clarion, however the attributed his death to a freak tornado.