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Carl MacBride is a large somewhat stupid woodsman appearing in the Doc Savage novel The Monsters.


Carl MacBride lives in a log cabin in the woods of Trapper Lake, Michigan and his closest neighbor, Bruno Hen, lives half a mile away. He has a number of fish and small animal traps scattered across the nearby region although Bruno frequently raids them for his own benifit. Carl is a habitual reader of back issue magazine, which is where he read of a remarkably skilled detective by the name Doc Savage. While taking a plane to Doc Savage's office he encountered a man named Caldwell who was very curious about his intentions with Doc Savage. Carl Happily explained the events that led him there. This candor would eventualy proove his undoing as Caldwell was secretly an assassin hired to stop Savage from getting involved. When he finally reached Doc's office Caldwell reappeared in disguise and shot him in the throat with a specialized banjo machine gun. After examining his body Doc found a nespaper clipping reporting the pecular death of Bruno Hen.


He naturally associates freckled people with friendliness.