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There was a frozen, stony expression on the tall man's face, and his dark eyes rolled and jerked with unease. His hands were drawn pale and hard at his sides.

These signs should have told an experienced observer that the man was worried and scared. (from Death In Silver by Lester Dent, writing as Kenneth Robeson)

Death In Silver pits Doc Savage against a very well organized gang that uses robberies as a means to cover their real motives. The criminal acts are carried out be gang members dressed in silver suits and dubbed Silver Death's-Heads.

Monk and Ham are captured by the Silver Death's-Heads early in the story, forcing Doc to operate on his own until he is able to identify where his aides are held and is able to rescue them.

Patricia Savage, her third appearance in Doc Savage, is kidnapped by the gang and held prisoner.

Doc uses his submarine, Helldiver, in an attempt to track down the Silver Death's-Heads submarine and headquarters. This results in a great underwater battle between Doc Savage and the Silver Death's-Heads. In this battle the Silver Death's-Heads employed electro-magnets to capture the Helldiver and electric lances to assault Doc and his men.


The events in this adventure take place entirely in New York and the surrounding waters.


Death In Silver is the first Doc Savage novel to not include all five of his aides. In the novel, it is mentioned that Johnny was in London on a lecture, Long Tom was in Europe experimenting on an electrical pesticide, while Renny was in South Africa working on a hydro-electric plant.

This marked a change in format in the series in that not all of Doc's aides would be included in each adventure. For Lester Dent, this would mean a lessening of the writing chore as he would have fewer major characters to maintain in each story. It also gave him a means to introduce subsequent stories by using Doc's companions that were absent in one adventure being the source of the next adventure.