Doc Savage Wiki

Doc's Vest is is an article of clothing specialized to hold the many tools Doc may require on his missions.

Equipment it has been shown to hold:

  • VEST [/BODY/ 08, Partial (vest)], Here is a sample of what Doc packs in the vest-
    • Glass-walled anesthetic gas grenades the size of robin's eggs
    • High power explosive grenades the size of ball bearings
    • Lock-picking tool set
    • Silk line & rubber-coated grappling hook
    • Hypodermic kit including truth serum vials
    • Smoke grenades
    • A pouch which contains a pencil-thin collapsible periscope which can be converted into either a telescope or a microscope by switching accessory lenses. With lenses removed it also can be used as an underwater snorkel
    • Fog bombs that deposit a dust that emits a green glow when exposed to ultraviolet light
    • Chalk that writes invisibly, but becomes visible when exposed to ultraviolet light
    • A vial of red solution that resembles blood
  • He can be assumed to have the above as well as 8 AP AC Omni-Gadgets(x4) hidden on his person.
  • Superfirer machine pistol [BODY 04, AV 05, EV 05, Range: 05, Ammo 10, Q#3, Ammo was color coded and had "Mercy" bullets that could do Bashing damage)