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Doc Savage and his aides by James Bama

Doc Savage had five companions that dedicated their lives, the same as Doc, to traveling around the world to do justice.

Lt. Colonel Andrew Blodgett Mayfair, who is better known as Monk to his friends. Monk is an industrial chemist.

Brigadier General Theodore Marley Brooks, Ham, is a lawyer, considered to be one of the best Harvard has ever turned out.

Colonel John Renwick, Renny, a construction engineer. He prided himself on his ability to knock down any door with his fists.

Major Thomas J. Roberts, Long Tom, the electrical wizard of the group.

William Harper Littlejohn, Johnny to his friends. He is an archaeologist and geologist of great renown.

These men made up the team of aides that Doc relied on throughout the series. Known as the "Fabulous Five" on the back cover of the Bantam Books editions, they were never called such in the actual series.

Doc's cousin, Patricia Savage, introduced in the novel Brand of the Werewolf, frequently appeared in Doc Savage as well.