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John Sunlight(alias; real name unknown) is arguably Doc Savage's greatest enemy. The character matched Doc Savage in intelligence yet also had an animalistic cunning which made him a great threat to Savage. He is also more physically powerful than Doc. He however uses his talents to pursue his goal of world dictatorship. At times of he has been known to emit a low growl subconsciously, very similar to Savage's trilling. His ultimate goal is to end humanity's problems such as war, famine, and intolerence by bringing the world under his control. The two have shown immense respect for each other, and Sunlight has even offered to spare Docs life if he joins him. Sunlight is tall and gaunt with strangely long fingers. He has a hypnotic stare which only the most intelligent or determined can resist.

He was also the only enemy to appear twice in the original pulp stories.

Sunlight has also appeared in a few of the comic book adaptations of Doc Savage:

  • "The Monarch of Armageddon" by Mark Ellis and Darryl Banks, published by Millennium Publications in 1991. Set shortly after The Devil Genghis the story depicts Sunlight's systematic destruction of everything Doc holds dear. In the concluding chapter, Sunlight apparently commits suicide rather than have his life saved by Doc Savage.
  • First Wave published by DC Comics.


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