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Andrew Blodgett Mayfair,, more commoly known as Monk Mayfair is among the principle members of the The Fabulous Five.

He received the name Monk because his long muscular arms and his low forehead make him resemble a monkey. Like several of Savage's companions he served in the military, holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Monk currently works as an industrial chemist. He possesses incredible strength, rivaling Doc Savage and can effortlessly bend pennies between his fingers.

Monk personally trained his pet pig, Habeas Corpus, to help serve Doc on his missions.

Monk has a friendly rivalry with Ham, and the two often needle each other. A mutual affection has been shown between them, with one risking life to save the other.

In the Black, Black Witch he is capable of speaking flawless German without a trace of an accent.

He was played by Michael Miller in the film Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze.