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The docking was scheduled for two o’clock, but at that hour there was no sign of the tramp steamer Meg Finnegan, and aboard the tug that had come out to tow the steamer into the harbor they shut off the engines. The tugboat crew lolled about, enjoying the unscheduled leisure, and a couple of the men dropped baited fishhooks over the rail. In the pilot house the tug skipper fretted and called the dispatcher by two-way radio to ask if there had been an error in the timing. from Return From Cormoral by Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson.

Return From Cormoral opens subtly enough, with a group of researchers returning to the states after being stranded on an island for the previous six months. During their time on the island, one of them, Macbeth Williams, developed an uncanny ability to foresee, in a limited fashion, future events. And he is scared of this ability.

Williams is more than a young research scientist. He is also heir to a major fortune of a half billion dollars. His friends that he was marooned with are now encouraging him to take control of the family estate and run things himself. Worried about this ability, Williams contacts Doc Savage to see if he can be cured as he is afraid of the ability.

The telegraph operator in the office Williams uses to send a telegram to Savage is murdered shortly after Williams ordered the telegram to be sent.

Thus begins an elaborate mystery that surrounds Macbeth Williams, his closest friends, and Doc Savage.