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“Our job is t find Long Tom Roberts, if he is alive, or learn what happened to him if he is dead.” from Terror Wears No Shoes by Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson

Doc, Ham and Monk are on a mission to find Long Tom, and follow the trail of a Soviet mastermind, Makaroff, with a biological weapon that he is poised to unleash on an unsuspecting America. The trail leads to Makarof via a Fem Fatale name Canta who runs a large black market operation in the Orient.

Terror Wears No Shoes is an espionage thriller penned by Lester Dent in the post-War years leading into the deep Cold War era with the Soviet Union. As with The Red Spider, it is stylistically different than the pre-war adventure sagas that Doc Savage is most famous for. It is tightly written, with suspense and drama.

Gone are the references to the superhuman qualities of Doc Savage and the constant “man of bronze” descriptions that were common in the books from the 1930s. Savage is more human, more fallible, but still confident.

Monk and Ham still joke with each other, but it is more subdued in the writing. They both fit in snuggly with the espionage routine, as does Long Tom Roberts.

There are some surprising plot twists and spy tech as well.