Doc made a rare mistake thinking he had witnessed the death of John Sunlight. Sunlight stole more than weapons from Doc's fortress, he stole the secret of eternal life. As Sunlight's heart pumped his life blood out on the frozen snow and his mind faded into happened. John Sunlight called upon his super human strength one last time as he pulled Doc's miracle drug from his blood soaked pocket and drank the life force that would save him. As the miracle drug took effect Sunlight's mind began to clear and the thought of his own death was replaced by what he was best at, revenge madness and murder. John Sunlight swore to himself that the bronze man would pay and pay he would. He would seek revenge on Doc's friends he would reap madness on anyone who got in his way and if it was the last thing he ever did in this cruel world he would murder Doc Savage. As the drug took hold Sunlight began to smile and then he began to laugh and the madness that was John Sunlight was reborn. Woe to the future of mankind as Sunlight rose up and looked upon the world that was about to be his